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Modern society pays special attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, in production and processing fields such as the wood industry, complying with standards and obtaining important international certifications like FSC®COC (Wood Product Chain of Custody) becomes extremely important. That is the reason why KNA CERT - the leading prestigious Training & Certification Organization in Vietnam - has built the Zalo Group "FSC® Evaluation & Discussion", to provide a support and exchange platform for businesses interested in FSC®COC assessment and certification.


KNA CERT Introduction

FSC®COC is an important standard for businesses in the wood production and processing industry, especially for businesses that want to export wood and wood products to foreign markets.

* KNA delivering FSC® certification services in association with TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS (TAH) is an FSC® accredited certification body and a branch of TÜV AUSTRIA, an International organization founded in 1872.

The FSC®COC certificate issued by TAH through KNA service has the International recognition mark of ASI® (the accreditation body of FSC® standards).

Zalo Group "FSC® Review and Discussion" Introduction

Realizing the increasing need to learn and evaluate FSC®COC certification in the wood industry, KNA CERT has created the Zalo Group "FSC® Review & Discussion". Organizations can exchange information about applying and complying with FSC®COC standards, and seek support during the certification process.

Benefits of joining Zalo Group "FSC® Review and Discussion"

  • Up-to-date information: Through the Group, members will be updated with information about the latest requirements, regulations and changes related to FSC®COC certification. News about conferences and events in the wood industry is also continuously shared in the Group, and special requirements for the furniture industry, pellets, packaging, etc. as well
  • Support and Answer Questions about standard: KNA CERT experts will support and answer questions related to the FSC®COC certification requirements, give a better understanding, and overcome difficulties in the process of implementing the certification.
  • Learn and share practical experiences: By joining the Group, organizations have the opportunity to learn and share practical experiences with businesses in the wood industry.

Joining Zalo Group “Đánh Giá & Thảo Luận FSC®” Instruction

Please scan the QR code below with the Zalo application on your mobile phone or visit the link [] to join our Zalo Group "FSC® Review & Discussion"!

With the goal of creating a community to share knowledge and support each other, KNA Cert hopes that the Zalo Group "FSC® Review & Discussion" will become a supported forum by a large number of businesses.

Join KNA CERT's Zalo Group "FSC® Evaluation & Discussion" today to build sustainable and developed wood production!

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