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Support for the implementation of ISO 14064-1 for Long Son Cement Plant.

The Branch of Long Son Company Limited in Thanh Hoa – Long Son Cement Plant has selected KNA CERT as the organization to assist in implementing ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Verification and Calculation Management System) for the company.


  • Unit Name: Branch of Long Son Company Limited in Thanh Hoa – Long Son Cement Plant
  • Address: Truong Son Hamlet, Dong Son Ward, Bim Son Town, Thanh Hoa Province
  • Website:
  • Business Activities: Construction-Mining, Environment-Chemicals
  • Services Used: Support for ISO 14064-1 certification.
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With the development of the country and the increasing demand for cement in the construction industry, Long Son Company Limited has invested in the construction of Long Son Cement Plant since 2014 in Dong Son Ward, Bim Son Town, Thanh Hoa Province. The plant is equipped with four synchronized production lines, with a total capacity exceeding 10 million tons per year. This significant step forward demonstrates Long Son Company Limited's commitment to providing the market with the best quality cement.

The establishment of Long Son Cement Plant contributes to the overall development of Long Son Company Limited and plays a key role in creating the largest cement industry cluster in Bim Son Town, Thanh Hoa Province.

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The Massive Plant of Long Son Company Limited

The raw materials for Long Son Cement production are directly sourced from the Bim Son - Thanh Hoa mountainous region, which Soviet experts surveyed and rated as the best material area in Vietnam. In the 1980s, this resource-rich region was chosen for the establishment and development of the cement production industry. Combined with state-of-the-art production technology from Japan and the production lines equipped with renowned equipment from German companies such as Loscher, IKN, ABB, Long Son Cement converges these elements to meet the highest standards in the market.

Long Son Cement has become the epitome of high-quality cement, gaining trust among domestic consumers and international partners. Contracts have been successfully signed globally in locations like Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Bangladesh, and Africa.

According to a report from the Vietnam Research Center for Development and Energy Efficiency, cement production is identified as one of the industries with significant carbon emissions into the environment. The current CO2 emissions from this industry are approximately 5% higher than the Southeast Asia average and 15-20% higher than the global average.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luong Duc Long, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Cement Association, revealed that to produce one ton of clinker (a basic component of Pooc Lang cement), approximately 120-140 kg of type 4A fly ash and 60-65 kWh of electricity are required, resulting in emissions of around 900 kg of CO2. The CO2 emissions in cement production come from clinker production, cement grinding, and the production of mineral additives.

As a major cement producer in Vietnam, Long Son Cement Plant is committed to finding optimal solutions to minimize the negative environmental impacts of its production activities.

To substantiate this commitment, Long Son has decided to establish a Greenhouse Gas Verification and Calculation Management System according to ISO 14064-1. ISO 14064-1 is an international standard related to greenhouse gas management and inventory reporting. It focuses on the verification and calculation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from organizational activities. ISO 14064-1 is part of the ISO 14064 series developed to assist organizations in measuring, reporting, and verifying greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable work environment and community.

Long Son has chosen KNA CERT as the organization to support the implementation of ISO 14064-1 for the plant in Thanh Hoa. Through training and guidance from KNA experts, Long Son Cement Plant has gained understanding of the greenhouse gas inventory and reporting processes. Based on this knowledge, appropriate emission reduction measures have been implemented, aiming towards the ultimate goal of achieving ISO 14064-1 certification.

Through this, KNA CERT also thanks the individuals and units who have trusted and chosen KNA's services. For any need for certification assessment, please contact us with the information below:

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