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Pre-audit assessment of ISO 17025:2017 for Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company.

Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company has selected KNA CERT as the pre-audit evaluator for ISO 17025:2017 (Quality Management System for Testing and Calibration Laboratories).


  • Company Name: Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company Limited
  • Address: L7-98 Athena Fulland Urban Area, Dai Kim, Hoang Mai, Hanoi
  • Business Sector: Environment - Chemicals
  • Services Utilized: Pre-audit ISO 17025:2017
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KNA evaluates ISO 17025 Pre-audit for Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company.

Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company Limited is a service provider in the environmental sector, with a particular focus on water-related activities. The company specializes in water sample testing, wastewater treatment, and environmental monitoring. The water sample testing services offered by the company may include water quality analysis, measurement of water parameters, assessment of pollutants such as heavy metals, organic compounds, microorganisms, and other services related to water environment. The company also possesses the capability to treat wastewater, employing modern wastewater treatment technologies for optimal efficiency. Additionally, Nanochem provides environmental monitoring services, measuring and monitoring environmental parameters during the execution of projects, construction works, or activities with potential environmental impact.

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Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company has decided to apply and strive for ISO 17025 certification for the following reasons:

  • Compliance with Regulations: ISO 17025 is an internationally recognized standard applicable to testing and calibration laboratory activities. Applying this standard helps the company comply with regulations and legal requirements related to environmental testing, ensuring adherence and preventing potential legal risks.
  • Process Optimization and Productivity: ISO 17025 requires laboratories to establish and maintain stringent quality control procedures, from sample preparation and testing to result evaluation and reporting. Applying and adhering to this standard helps the company optimize work processes, increase productivity, reduce errors, and detect issues early in the testing process.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Implementing ISO 17025 provides the company with a standardized quality management system, saving time and resources in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results.
  • Enhancement of Testing Service Quality: Nanochem utilizes ISO 17025 to build and maintain a quality management system in the laboratory, covering testing procedures, data management, ensuring measurement result accuracy, and reporting results to clients. This helps improve the quality of testing services, meet customer requirements, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results.
  • Enhancement of Reputation and Reliability: ISO 17025 certification is a mark of credibility for the laboratory's capabilities. Applying and achieving this certification helps Nanochem enhance its reputation and reliability in providing environmental testing services to customers, attracting new clients, and maintaining and expanding the company's market share.
  • Improvement of Customer Relations: Having ISO 17025 certification demonstrates the company's capability and commitment to quality in testing activities. This improvement contributes to enhancing customer relations, increasing customer trust and satisfaction with the quality of the company's environmental testing services.

KNA CERT is honored to be chosen as the pre-audit evaluator for ISO 17025:2017 for Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company. The pre-audit is the initial assessment conducted before the formal evaluation according to ISO 17025 standards. Through the ISO 17025 pre-audit, KNA CERT has conducted a comprehensive review of Nanochem Environmental Treatment Company's quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 17025. This process includes evaluating documents, procedures, policies, and practical activities of the company related to testing and quality management aspects. The results of the pre-audit assessment have provided Nanochem with an overview of their preparedness before the formal evaluation.

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