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Supporting the implementation of PEFC for V.R.G SA DO Rubber Fiber Joint Stock Company.

V.R.G SA DO Rubber Fiber Joint Stock Company (SA DO RT) has chosen KNA CERT as the unit to support the implementation of the PEFC standard (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) for the company.


  • Company Name: V.R.G SA DO Rubber Fiber Joint Stock Company (SA DO RT)
  • Address: Dau Giay Industrial Park, Dau Giay Town, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province
  • Website:
  • Business Activities: Textiles and Leather, Wood and Wood Products
  • Services Used: PEFC CoC Certification Support
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V.R.G SA DO Rubber Fiber Joint Stock Company (SA DO RT) was established with three shareholders: Saigon Industry Corporation Limited Liability Company, Dong Nai Rubber Company Limited Liability Company, and Ben Thanh Rubber Joint Stock Company. SA DO RT officially commenced its production and business activities in March 2016, making it one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing rubber fiber products. It primarily supplies the textile, leather, medical, and various other industries.

Công ty Cổ phần Chỉ sợi Cao su V.R.G SA DO (SA DO RT)

V.R.G SA DO Rubber Fiber Joint Stock Company (SA DO RT)

Rubber fiber is a product processed from natural rubber, serving as a crucial raw material in the production of elastic bands, woven elastic, round elastic, rubber-covered threads for the garment industry, weaving sofa belt, sports straps, making elastic cords, mattress lining, and various other applications. SA DO RT manufactures rubber fiber on a production line equipped with the most modern and advanced European technology.

SA DO RT places a strong emphasis on quality and product source traceability. The company has adopted the PEFC-CoC standard to control the product's journey from the rubber it produces and distributes.

KNA CERT is honored to be chosen by SA DO RT as the unit to support the implementation of the PEFC-CoC standard for the company. KNA CERT assesses the advantages and limitations of SA DO RT's standard application by conducting a preliminary assessment of the company's production process and supply chain.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding, KNA CERT experts continue to guide SA DO RT in establishing rules and regulations, creating instructional documents, and ensuring that employees are trained to comply with PEFC-CoC requirements.


  • Under the enthusiastic and professional guidance of KNA CERT, SA DO RT has successfully obtained the PEFC certification. This has enabled the company to:
  • Verify Sustainable Origin: Confirm that SA DO RT's rubber fiber products are produced from sustainable and legal sources. This instills confidence in customers and partners, showcasing the company's commitment to environmental protection.
  • Access International Markets: The PEFC-CoC certification helps SA DO RT open doors to opportunities in the international market. Many international markets and customers require products to meet certain standards, and PEFC certification can assist the company in building a reputation and increasing export opportunities.
  • Attract Customers Easily: PEFC-CoC certification can create brand value for SA DO RT. Products with sustainable attributes often attract consumers more easily, providing a significant competitive advantage in the rubber industry.
  • Promote Sustainable Development: By adhering to the PEFC standard, SA DO RT actively contributes to the effort to protect forests and the natural environment, promoting sustainable development for their primary raw material – natural rubber.

On this occasion, KNA CERT would like to express gratitude to individuals and organizations that have placed their trust in KNA's services. For any certification needs, please feel free to contact us using the information below:

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