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What is the Forest Stewardship Council®?

Forest Stewardship Council® - FSC® is currently the most respected forest certification organization in the world with more than 25 years of history in forest management. Let's discover with KNA CERT more information about FSC® Organization in this article.


“Forest Stewardship Council®” (short form: FSC®) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote responsible management of the World's forests.

Moreover, FSC® is a unique forum where stakeholders from around the world meet and define the most important social and environmental criteria through effective multi-stakeholder procedures. These fundamental principles are actualized in forests across the globe through FSC® certification.

Orgnizations can promote FSC® certified products from forests managed by FSC® such as paper, packaging, wood, furniture, pellets, etc. through close cooperation with stakeholders


FSC® does more than talk about sustainable forestry. FSC® initiatives create healthier, more sustainable forests around the world.

  • 150+ million hectares of certified forests 
  • 200+ individuals and organizations from 93 countries build the FSC® governing body
  • 000+ certifications verifying sustainable sourcing
  • 600+ companies are licensed to advertise products with the FSC® label
  • 56% of consumers globally recognize the FSC® label


1. Membership requirements

FSC® membership is open to private, public businesses; NGOs and other non-profit organizations; academic and research institutions, or individuals who want to contribute to protecting forests worldwide. FSC® members play an active role in shaping the future of FSC® and advancing FSC®'s commitment to responsible forestry.

When you become a member of FSC®, you will have a chance to:

  • Submit initiatives: Every member has the right and responsibility to submit initiatives for consideration.
  • Voting: Every FSC® member can participate and vote in all FSC® general meetings
  • Election to position: All members have the right to be elected to any office of the organization, including the FSC® Board of Directors

2. Chambers of the Forest Stewardship Council®

To become an FSC® member, you will apply to join one of three FSC® divisions. Each division has an equal voice in the decision-making process, including:

  • Environmental chamber: NGOs, environmental interest groups, research organizations and others
  • Economic chamber: Forest and forest product management companies, retail companies and others
  • Social chamber: Indigenous and community organizations, trade unions and others

3. Structure of the FSC® Organization

a) FSC® General Assembly 

The FSC® General Assembly is the leading decision-making body of the FSC®. Here, members representing environmental, social and economic chambers will meet every 3 (three) years to set the direction of the organization.

FSC® members discuss and vote on motions that could fundamentally affect the way FSC® operates.

To ensure that everyone is heard, each FSC® chamber holds 33.3% of the votes on all FSC® matters.

b) FSC® Board of Directors

The FSC® Board of Directors is accountable to all members. It consists of 12 elected representatives, with 4 elected representatives from each division for a term of 04 (four) years.

c) FSC® Policy and Standards Committee

The FSC® Policy and Standards Committee acts on behalf of the Board of Directors about technical matters regarding the development or revision of FSC® Policies, Standards, Procedures and normative documents. The FSC® Policy and Standards Committee makes final decisions on FSC® requirements based on normal procedures and the Forest Management Standards when conducting technical and procedural reviews. This committee also provides technical assessments and recommendations for approval of FSC® requirements according to key processes based on FSC standard-setting procedures.

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1. Focus on Forests

FSC® has used its experience as convener and co-creator to develop Focus Forests, a dialogue tool between stakeholders to facilitate shared decision-making on an important topic: protecting the future of forests with high conservation value.

These forests may include intact forest landscapes, ancient forests, indigenous cultural landscapes, and other forests with unique social and environmental values.

2. Sustainable enhancement

Sustainable intensification is a way to protect forests and their invaluable benefits to the environment while increasing forest product output.

FSC® is exploring two aspects of sustainable intensification:

  • Increasing conventional intensification: FSC® is exploring the shared value created by intensification in FSC® certified forests and the impacts on the wider landscape.
  • Genetic engineering: FSC® has implemented a learning process to gain complete and reliable knowledge of developments in genetic engineering outside of FSC® certified fields. FSC® regulations prohibit the use of genetic engineering in FSC® certified forests and there are no changes to this policy.

3. Advocate for progressive forestry policies

FSC® is working with NGOs around the world to champion forestry policies that meet the needs of society while ensuring the long-term health and resilience of forests. For example, FSC® recently cooperates with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the largest network of environmental citizen organizations in Europe. EEB gathers more than 170 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and citizen groups from more than 35 European countries to advocate for progressive policies that create a better environment in the European Union and beyond.

FSC® is focusing its efforts on minimizing the risk that deforestation-related products enter the EU market, protecting forest biodiversity, protecting socially and environmentally valuable, high environmental forests, enhancing conditions for forest resilience and combating illegal logging.

4. High conservation value

FSC® uses a High Conservation Value (HCV) approach - identification, management and monitoring - in FSC® certification standards (that affect FSC certified forests or products) and generally as a resource for conservation planning. FSC® finds ways to maintain, enhance and promote the importance of these values.

An important part of HCV is ensuring that activities in forests do not have negative impacts on biodiversity - that means, the diversity within and between species and entire ecosystems, including forests. For FSC®, maintaining and implementing biodiversity and HCV management go hand in hand.


1. For forest managers

FSC®FM Forest Management Certification verifies that forests are managed in an environmentally sound, socially and economically viable manner.

a) Forest management certificate for organizations and individuals

FSC® Forest Stewardship Certification ensures that forests comply with 10 principles covering environmental, social and economic commitments.

b) Forest management certificate for community and family forests

FSC® is constantly working to find ways to make it easier and more feasible for community and family forests to achieve FSC® certification.

c) Ecosystem service requirements for forest managers

These statements help forest managers communicate the positive impact of their responsible forest management. The complaints process allows forest managers to measure and verify the impact of their responsible forestry practices on biodiversity, carbon storage, etc

2. For manufacturers and sellers

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, brand or construction contractor then the following certifications are for you:

a) FSC®COC chain of custody certification

FSC®COC certification verifies the path of forest products through the supply chain. Units manufacturing products qualify for FSC® certification.

b) Project certification

This certification allows builders, architects, artists and others to demonstrate that the forest products they use in their projects are FSC® certified and that they are therefore committed to finding Forest-friendly supplies.

3. For corporations and other responsible forestry advocates

FSC® is creating innovative solutions that help society appreciate all the important services that forests contribute to our world, related to ecosystems and climate.

a) Ecosystem service procedures

Corporations and other organizations can fund responsible forestry projects globally that address climate change, biodiversity loss and other challenges. In return, they receive third-party verification that their investment has created real and measurable impacts.


FSC® certifies more than just paper products or furniture. Look for the FSC label when shopping. You'll find it in more products than you think. For example:

  • Tires
  • Sports equipment such as skis and wetsuits
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Furniture and home decorations
  • Paper products, packaging, tissues and coffee cups 
  • Books and art supplies
  • Wood
  • ….

The source of information in the article is from the homepage of the FSC® Forest Management Council:


* KNA delivering FSC® certification services in association with TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.
Clients can find out more information about TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS and FSC® certification services at the following links:

Include a link to TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS website, to provide clients access to information of the following:

Bao gồm một liên kết đến trang web TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, để cung cấp cho khách hàng quyền truy cập vào thông tin sau:

Link tham khảo:

Information about TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’s scope of FSC® accreditation

Thông tin về phạm vi chứng nhận FSC® của TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS

General information on the fees charged to clients

Thông tin chung về các khoản phí KH phải trả

A description of the rights and duties of clients, including requirements, restrictions, or limitations on the use of TÜV AUSTRIA name and FSC® trademarks and on the ways of referring to the certification granted.

Mô tả các quyền và nghĩa vụ của khách hàng, bao gồm các yêu cầu, hạn chế hoặc giới hạn trong việc sử dụng tên TÜV AUSTRIA và nhãn hiệu FSC® cũng như cách đề cập đến chứng nhận được cấp.


Information about procedures for handling complaints and appeals

Thông tin về thủ tục giải quyết khiếu nại, kháng nghị

A link to the FSC® certification database (

Liên kết đến cơ sở dữ liệu chứng nhận FSC® (

A link to the FSC® normative documents for certification, according to the TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’s accreditation scope

Liên kết đến các tài liệu quy chuẩn của FSC® để chứng nhận, theo phạm vi công nhận của TÜV  AUSTRIA HELLAS

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